Machine Services

Blue Water Engineering has a diverse range of machining options available. Investment in high quality brand name Machine Tools means we can offer a reliable and efficient machining service. Our equipment is programmed and operated by highly experienced tradesmen, this means we can deliver high quality parts including traceability and material supply. Having such a wide range of services in house allows us to have a much better control of the job flow. . 

Water Jet Cutting

Blue Water Engineering has extensive experience in waterjet cutting, having purchased our first machine in 1998. Now with three machines, we can offer waterjet cutting of almost any material. Working with any form of drawing from a cardboard template to a CAD drawing, cutting your components from either your material or our large stocks of various materials and thicknesses.


Blue Water Engineering has a wide range of fabrication experience and skilled tradesman.  Using both MIG and TIG forms of welding we can produce components in most materials, Mild Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel to name a few. Components produced within our other services can be brought together to be welded, these can be finished items ready for despatch or go on to other services like machining, assembly, or surface finishing.

CAD Drawings

Blue Water Engineering offers a range of 2D & 3D CAD Drawing services. Having an in-house Engineer and design team, we can produce drawings and models to prove concepts prior to production. Customer input is highly encouraged as to produce a quicker and more favourable outcome.

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